Global Elite Group provides an unmatched level of K-9 security services and solutions. All of our canines are qualified and trained for explosives and narcotics detection, ensuring your property and premises are fully secured.

We are able to seamlessly integrate with your current security plan, increasing your detection capabilities. Our teams are on active standby for deployment to secure any location by identifying any and all threats.

About our dogs

Detection dogs are known throughout the world for their accuracy and dependability. Global Elite Group’s dogs are trained on a daily basis, following the guidelines set by the North American Police Work Dog Association and the United Police Canine Association.

Our dogs are purchased from kennels that are ATF-certified, which allows them to use real explosives for the best possible training. We only select dogs that are highly motivated and show a strong work drive during the training process.

  • Comprehensive canine & handler teams
  • Narcotics & explosives detection for airport security and police investigations
  • Personal security, physical security & residential security
  • Event security
  • Crowd control