We provide security solutions for government buildings including:

  • Airports and marine ports
  • Consulates and embassies
  • Transportation hubs & terminals
  • Court houses
  • Public utility facilities
  • City administrative offices
  • Town and county public facilities

The global economy is dependent upon the efficient and safe transportation of people and goods. Unfortunately, transportation is also an industry targeted by terrorism and other crimes. Global Elite’s ability to adapt to changing conditions – as well as our knowledge of national and international security challenges – has resulted in our specialization in this field.

Whether securing a high-value shipment, protecting major transportation hubs such as airports, or planning and implementing a comprehensive supply chain security program, Global Elite Group can assist you on multiple levels.

Global Elite Group provides a comprehensive range of security services for our financial and insurance clients. By combining the skills of our personnel with the latest technology, we can help significantly reduce your security costs.

With wide-ranging solutions, Global Elite Group provides services including:

  • Security management programs
  • Security guards and patrols (armed & unarmed)
  • Investigations
  • Executive protection services
  • 24-hour monitoring, dispatch and emergency security response teams
  • K-9 programs
  • Electronic systems integration
  • ATM security support

Since 2002, Global Elite Group has provided superior security and management services for the oil & gas industry in some of the world’s most volatile countries. We apply superior management methodology in all our work for the upstream, midstream, and downstream industries.

Our services include:

  • Establishing security policy & guidance
  • Performing threat & vulnerability analysis
  • Developing secure operational processes & procedures
  • Implementing trusted software application

We provide services including:

  • On-site security guards and patrols
  • Physical security
  • Staff training
  • Consultations and assessments

Global Elite Group provides a variety of customized loss prevention programs as part of our retail security solutions. We offer these services for two specific reasons:

1. To help provide a safe working and shopping environment, and

2. To help store management teams reduce losses.

We can help you develop a customized loss prevention program to identify how losses are occurring, minimize the exposure to loss and deter / detect suspected perpetrators. With our large network, Global Elite Group can work with you to develop solutions on a local, regional or national level. We’ll assign you a National Account Manager, so you’ll only need to work with a single point of contact to manage all aspects of the program.

Looking for on-site security agents or guard patrols? All our security officers have the necessary knowledge and experience to work in any area of retail security, from shopping centers and retail parks to individual stores.

When selecting a school or college, safety remains one of the top 5 considerations for prospective students and their parents. Research universities, large urban schools, community colleges and faith-based colleges all have different security needs.

Concerns over campus vulnerability, cyber threats and identity theft present a new level in security programs, requiring advanced preparedness to mitigate risk. We understand the unique nature of higher education and are sensitive to your school’s distinctive culture.

Global Elite Group offers seamless integration of diversity-trained officers within the community, providing a variety of services including:

  • Campus fire safety
  • Evacuation planning
  • Personal protection and consulting services in situations of drug, alcohol and domestic abuse
  • High-risk/confrontational situation management
  • Lock-outs and vehicle assists
  • Campus escort services
  • Residential life security
  • Campus emergency preparedness
  • Access control

Global Elite Group specializes in providing security consulting and protection for houses of worship. Differing styles of worship, building layout(s) and/or special event venues create a critical need for a security plan that is custom designed to suit the needs of your facility and your congregation or community.