Global Emergency Management is uniquely positioned as a specialized intermediary for clients seeking solutions for their emergency planning, response, business continuity and crisis management needs.

Emergency planning, response and recovery can be overwhelming as a result of the numerous components and areas of coordination required to execute successfully. Every organization and event is unique and planning for an emergency must therefore be individually tailored.

Global Emergency Management demystifies the complexity of emergency planning and delivers a comprehensive and all-encompassing solution.

By utilizing our in-house expertise and working with various established and leading edge vendors, we have the ability to develop, implement and support a response that is customized and is industry-, location- and facility-specific.

We actively monitor and evaluate services and products as they come to market in order to identify and ensure that you have the most advanced and suitable solution. By representing multiple clients, we’re able to benefit from preferential pricing agreements and pass the savings on to you.

A crisis is an undesired event, or series of events, that threatens a negative impact on an organization’s reputation, brand, financial performance, or relations with employees, customers, or suppliers.

Crisis triggers range from accounting irregularities and product recalls to terrorism, workplace violence, accidents and natural disasters

The long-term success of an organization is often dependent upon its ability to respond to undesired events in ways that result in a positive outcome. Global Emergency Management seeks to establish long-term relationships with our clients and effectively serve as a single point of contact for all issues related to emergency preparedness.

  • Hazard identification & mitigation
  • Contingency planning
  • Business impact & vulnerability analysis
  • Crisis management team development
  • Command center developments & enhancements
  • Facility sweeps & lock-downs
  • Rapid response security teams
  • Disaster drills & plan testing
  • Fire evacuations
  • Mass Notifications & Communications Solutions
  • Search & recovery teams
  • Email alerts, text messages and voice alerts
  • Insurance recovery solutions
  • Medical support teams
  • Aircraft Recovery